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Welcome to Coast Communications troubleshooting page. Hopefully, questions you may have will be answered here. If you are unable to solve your problem from the following suggestions, please call our office at 360-289-2252. If you have a suggestion for this page, please email our webmaster.

All Snow or Fuzzy Picture
Message on High Def TV says "No Signal"
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All Snow or Fuzzy Picture

Common quick fixes:
The following quick fixes resolve most picture problems.

  • Make sure the remote control is in the cable mode.
  • Make sure your TV and VCR are tuned to channel 3.
  • Make sure a cable connection has not come loose.

Wait 15 minutes. Sometimes the cable operator is fixing a temporary problem. If the problem is still not fixed in 15 minutes, step through the following troubleshooting procedure.

If no picture:

  • Check to see if the power cord came unplugged from the cable box, TV, or VCR.
  • Press the Power button on the remote control. If the TV did not come on, go to the front panel of the TV and press power on. If the TV came on, then the batteries in the remote may be depleted and should be replaced.
  • Press the cable button once on the remote control.
  • Check to see if Parental Controls were set to block the channels. (To unblock programs, press Settings on the remote control and follow the prompts. For additional information, see Parental Controls below.)

If picture is distorted, fuzzy, or snowy:

  • Make sure your TV and VCR are tuned to the correct channel. In most cases, this is channel 3.
  • Check your cable connections. Make sure the connections on the cable box, TV and VCR are finger-tight. Make sure that the cable connected at the wall outlet is not loose or frayed.
  • Make sure the video and rf cables are connected to the correct ports on the set top box, VCR, DVD, and TV.
  • If you have a VCR, push or switch the TV/VCR button to put the VCR in the TV mode.

If none of these steps fixed the problem, then perhaps the TV signal or equipment is not working properly. Please contact us for assistance.

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Product Help

There is a red light showing on my set-top box. What does it mean?
The red light does not indicate a problem. It simply indicates that you have a message from us. You can access the message through the interactive Program Guide and read and/or delete the message.

Why does the TV Guide flip bar read, "To Be Announced"?
If this occurs on a single program time slot, then there may have been no guide data available from the programmers. If this occurs on multiple channels, then there may have been a power interruption to the set-top box. If you leave the receiver connected to power, the guide should fully update within approximately 45 minutes.

Why am I hearing news, a weather report, or foreign language on some of my channels instead of the expected audio?
The Separate Audio Programming (SAP) may be turned on for the TV or set-top box. Access the menu on your television or set-top box and make sure SAP is turned off.

Can I reset the time on the DCT?
No. The receiver time is controlled by a central system.

Can I get digital services on all TV's in my home?
Yes. We can install a digital receiver on all of your TVs. Additional charges will apply.

What do I do if my remote control will not change the channel?
In order to resolve problems with your remote control, please try the following:

  • Make sure the power light on your receiver is lit.
  • Check to see if the remote control light is flashing repeatedly. If so, please replace your batteries with two new alkaline batteries.
  • Go up to the receiver and try changing the channels without using the remote control.
  • Refer to the remote control setup instructions, and make sure you have the correct codes programmed for your equipment.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the front of the receiver (e.g., furniture)
  • Make sure you are operating the remote control within 20 feet of the receiver

What do I do if I am having problems receiving channels?
Are you not receiving channels above 13? Go into your TV's main setup menu and make sure that it is in the Cable TV (CATV) mode, not TV, Air or Antenna. Is your TV Skipping channels? You may want to Auto-Program your TV. Go into the main menu of your TV and look for an option to "Auto-Tune" or "Auto-Program". If you are still having programs please call 1-360-289-2252.

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Channels & Programming

What is my channel line-up?
Please click on channel line-up to view the channels that Coast Communications offers.

How do I request a channel not currently carried on my channel line-up?
Channel requests help us make decisions when we add or change a channel line-up. Please call 1-360-289-2252 to submit your channel request.

How does Coast Communications choose the networks it carries?
There are many different factors that contribute to the selection of programming. Some of the deciding factors are cost, subscriber demand, ratings, availability of open channels on our cable system, and whether or not there are similar channels on our line-up.

How do I block channels I do not wish to receive?
Customers can block channels from their cable line-up by using the Parental Control feature available on receivers leased from Coast Communications. It is also possible that the model of television or VCR you have allows you to program your own television equipment to block programming you prefer not to receive. Please review your equipment manual for instructions.

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Equipment - Manuals and Diagrams

Please click the following links to download manuals for the type of equipment you may have:

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Parental Controls

Your DCT is equipped with easy-to-use Parental Controls that put you in charge of what your kids watch, even when you are not around. Parental Controls let you block channels and, with some set-top boxes, even block programs by TV rating. Follow the steps below to block unwanted programming.

  • Press the Menu button on your remote control.
  • Using the Up and Down arrow keys on your remote, highlight Parental Control.
  • Now press OK/Select on your remote and enter your four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you have not already created a PIN, you will be asked to do so. Note: You may need to turn the locking feature on.
  • You may choose programs by title, time, or rating. You may also choose to b lock an entire channel. Use the Up and Down arrow keys on the remote to choose Lock Ratings, Lock Channels, Lock Time, or Lock Titles.
  • Under Lock Ratings highlight the lowest rating you would like blocked with the Up and Down arrow keys. Then press OK/Select. Note: All ratings that are above your lowest allowable rating will be blocked.
  • Under Lock Channels, scroll through the list of channels using the Up and Down arrow keys, then press OK/Select on the channels that you would like blocked.
  • Under Lock Time, use the Up and Down arrow keys to highlight the time that you would like to begin blocking. Press OK/Select on the remote. Note: When using this option, all channels will be blocked during the designated time.
  • Under Lock Titles, use the Up and Down arrow keys to indicate the program title you would like blocked. Then press OK/Select.

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Theft of Service

What is cable television signal theft?
Cable television signal theft is the illegal interception of cable programming services without the authorization of or payment to a cable system. While laws vary from state to state, according to the Telecom Act of 1996 (47 USC 553 and 605), cable theft is a crime that is punishable by both a hefty financial penalty and jail time.

I receive cable but have never been billed for it. Am I doing something illegal?
You are doing something illegal. There are two kinds of cable theft: active and passive. Active theft is when a person knowingly makes an illegal connection to the cable system or tampers with the equipment in order to obtain unauthorized services. For example, cutting into your neighbor's cable to get free service is theft. Passive theft is when a customer knowingly receives free services due to the unlawful connection of a previous homeowner. Even though passive theft is the result of an illegal pat action, if you don't report it and receive the free service, it's still a crime.

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